Recipe 2. #Veganuary2018 

Coloured Beets & Soy Spinach Wrap


2x handfuls of fresh baby spinach
1x sprig of fresh basil
1x avocado sliced
4x baby beetroots finely grated (try mix up the colour if possible, the more variance in colour the different antioxidant it contains)
1x handful of romaine lettuce leaves
1x handful of small Rosa vine tomatoes chopped up
1x handful of sundried tomatoes chopped into lengths
2x tbsp flax oil
1x tbsp Apple cider vinegar
1x tbsp Soy sauce / Tamari
1x tsp vegan mayo to spread (I use Bwell Mayonaise)
1 tsp hot English mustard to spread

1. Pan fry your vegan wraps on the stove to warm. Make sure not to over heat to make them crunchy. Set aside under a plate to keep warm. (This recipe will make 4)

2. Mix the spinach, basil, vinegar, soya and oil into a mixing bowl and massage the spinach with your hands. You can add fresh onion, ginger and garlic here if you wish.

3. Wash the raw beetroot. Then simply grate the beetroot on the 2nd biggest setting on your grater to achieve a semi fine outcome.

4. Place wrap onto the board and start by painting a stripe of mayo and mustard down the middle.

5. Layer the lettuce, Avo, beets and spinach mix on to of each other and place the tomatoes on either side of the stack.

6. Finish with sprinkle of nutritional yeast flakes, S&P and then roll the wrap together by folding both sides in to the middle and flap the bottom of the mixtures, final lay rolling the whole thing tightly into a cylinder.

7. Cut in half and enjoy.

Benefits of the this Raw Vegan lunch wrap is that’s is packed with nitrates, antioxidants, Iron and folic acid to help lower blood pressure and boost exercise performance. Spinach is high in protein, fiber and important B6 vitamin. We also boost our B12 intake trough the nutritional yeast we added.

Overall this is a kickass lunch option that won’t leave you feeling sluggish.


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