5 Spice & Coconut Corn Soup

I remember being taken to my local Chinese restaurant as a kid. I was always keen for the their chicken corn soup because it always reminded me of happy times and it tasted so damn good. Today’s soup is my vegan version of these happy, but kinder, memories.

1. 2 cups vegetable broth or good quality miso if you’d prefer.
2. 1 corn off the cob
3. 1 fresh spring onion
4. 1 jalapeño
5. 1 thumb size ginger
6. 1 clove garlic
7. 1 tsp Chinese 5 spice
8. 1 tbsp soy sauce
9. 1 cup coconut milk
10. Pinch of white pepper
11. Handful of fresh basil and coriander

1. Cut the corn in half and place one half into a food processor and the other tot he side.
2. Chop the spring onion into small pieces and place the white parts into the food processor and leave the green parts for serving later.
3. Place the spice, soya, herbs, chopped ginger, garlic, deseeded and chopped jalapeño into the food processor with the coconut milk. Pulse to a chunky texture and set aside.
4. Bring broth to boil and add the remaining corn to it, lowering the heat immediately.
5. Place the boiled broth mixture into the food processor with previous mixture and pulse once again for a few moments. Don’t try make a smooth soup, the aim is to release more of the flavours through a quick pulse cycle.
6. Plate the mixture adding fresh spring onions and a dash of Whitney pepper. Enjoy.

You can add the mixture back to the pot to simmer longer if you wish but keep an eye on the heat so the milk doesn’t boil and separate.

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