Super Simple Salad with Ranch Dressing

Here’s a super simple but wholesome salad you can accompany with a big meal or simply eat on its own.

1. 2 handfuls of organic mixed greens like lettuce, spinach and rocket or similar.
2. 1/2 Cucumber
3. 2 spring onions
4. Handful or more of Rosa / Cherry tomatoes
5. 1 medium carrot
6. 1/4 block of vegan cheese (I used Violife)
7. 2 tbsp sunflower seeds or a mix of your choice
8. 1/4 flax oil
9. 1/4 olive oil
10. Tsp Dijon mustard
11. Tbsp vegan mayo from @bwellfoods
12. Tsp dried mixed Italian herbs

Salt and Pepper
14. Juice of a lemon and a tsp of Apple cider vinegar

1. Be creative and have fun with your fresh produce for your salad.
2. I chopped the greens very finely, placed them into my favourite new salad bowl with a glug of olive oil and S&P.
2. Next I layered it with cucumber, followed by the tomatoes, spring onions, grated carrots and finally added the cheese and seeds to finish. The colours just worked so well.
3. For the ranch dressing, place 8-14 into a large jar and shake until the dressing emulsifies into a beautiful viscous texture. This happens pretty quickly, so don’t waste your time with a hand blender. This is part of the joy of cooking.
4. And there you have it and lovely tangy ranch style dressing to have with your super simple salad. Enjoy.

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