Recipe 1. #Veganuary2018

Recipe 1. January OJ.


Ok so I’m one day late for Veganuary posting but from here in for the rest of the month of Jan I’ll be posting a simple Vegan recipe from my vegan culinary education and experience as a vegan for the past few years. I’ll also be creating short 1 min videos for the more complex stuff. Enjoy.

1x pineapple
8x small oranges or 4 large
1/2 large cucumber
1x thumb of ginger
1x handful fresh basil
1 tsp dried turmeric or 1 thumb of fresh turmeric
Add a de-seeded Jalepeno pepper for an added zing

Remove skins and cut into small lengths so you don’t put strain into your juicers motor.

I use a Hurom masticator juicer.

The benefits of this bad boy OJ is that it’s jam packed with Antioxidants and Vitamin C.