Lume Coffee Grinder

Lume Coffee Grinder

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Get 1x Lume Grinder and 2 bags of Portland Project renegade coffee beans as per of this special.

About the Lume
We've often lamented the fact that we couldn't find battery-powered burr grinders out there. You get electric grinders that plug in, and plenty of hand-cranked options, but none that have the advantages of both... until now that is! It turns out that the absence of a battery-powered option for all these years was due to an engineering challenge - generating enough torque to crush beans while using the small amount of power a battery can produce. We're thrilled to announce that the makers of LUME have come up with a clever solution to this problem, and a wonderful product to boot, which we're very happy to share with our customers.

What's different about LUME?

So how did LUME solve the engineering challenge of driving a burr with a battery? Very simple: they slowed the motor down! It may seem obvious having seen it in action or read the words, but the clever folks behind LUME were clearly the first to realise that the convenience element of electric is much more important than the speed.

What the LUME grinder does incredibly effectively is take all manual work out of coffee grinding on the go. The lithium-ion battery-powered motor slowly grinds your coffee for you while you heat up your water and prep, at around the same speed you would hand grind, but with minimal intervention required.