The Kind Kitchen was founded by vegan advocate and chef Jason McNamara. Jay travelled to Austin Texas in 2013 where he gained his skills in vegan culinary arts at The Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts under the tutelage of Chef Inge Bothma.
In February 2018 Jay began offering his food to clients through the concept of a ‘dark kitchen’ via Uber Eats. As his food gained popularity he soon realised he needed to find a larger space to accommodate the growing demand for his vegan fare and so in July/August 2018 he crowdfunded his first traditional style café and deli with the aim of opening a small 16 seater café in the Woodstock Brewery.
On the 1st of September 2018 the Kind Kitchen in Woodstock officially opened for business, offering brunch and select items for dinners Tuesday through to Saturday. As Cape Town’s hunger for good vegan food has grown so to has the popularity of The Kind Kitchen, which has been privileged enough to stand side by side with the ‘Hottest New Restaurants in Cape Town listed by Eat Out and The Inside Guide in 2019. 

Veganism has become a globally recognised lifestyle choice and not a trend! This was made evident recently when Ed Sheeran and Passenger visited the cafe to enjoy dinner as part of their daily routine on their tour. Added to this we have noticed that at least 50% of our clients aren’t even vegan but are intrigued by the flavours, colours and exciting dishes we have on offer, proving to me that veganism and a plant based diet is here to stay.