The Kind Kitchen Menu

100% Vegan Comfort Food in Woodstock

Toasties on Sourdough

Croissant / GF Wraps / GF Breads (Add R10)

Tomato, Cheese & Basil… R45.00

Croissant with Cheese/Choc R40.00

Cheese & Bacon… R50.00

Chicken Mayo ‘style’… R65.00

F’Egg Mayo ‘style’... R60.00

F’Egg… R75.00

Seared tofu, gooey egg yolk, seitan bacon, vegan cheese and baby spinach.


Breakfast on Sourdough 

Croissant / GF Wraps / GF Breads (Add R10)

The Scramble… R90.00

Choice of scrambled Tofu with cherry smoked seitan bacon, baby spinach and vegan mozz and tahini cashew cream. 


Joker Brekkie Muffin… R50.00

Choice of burger patty with melted cheddar, seared tofu, baby spinach and our signature hollandaise sauce on a toasted English Muffin. +30 TKK Meaty Beety Patty / +50 Beyond Meat


Eggy Brekkie Croissant… R75.00

A freshly baked vegan croissant, choice of burger patty, melted cheddar, our gooey egg and homemade smoked seitan on a bed of fresh baby spinach and tomato. 

+30 TKK Meaty Beety Patty / +50 Beyond Meat / Frys +35


Deluxe Sandwiches, Salads & Wraps

Croissant / GF Wraps / GF Breads (Add R10)

Tempeh Reuben R90.00

A NYC classic with Tempeh seared in a soya lime base with a mildly spiced kale slaw, gherkins and vegan cheese.


Avo Hells Yeah R80.00

Avocado slices,available artisanal cheese, our sun-dried tomato almond rocket pesto, cucumber and rocket with tahini cashew dressing.


Fungi The Vampire Slayer R100.00

100g King Oyster mushrooms sauteed with vegan Worcester sauce, garlic, onion and lemon. Add to fresh kale massaged with cashew cream, cherry tomatoes and our signature guacamole.


Deluxe Chick Mayo R105.00

Chicken mayo style sandwich with homemade seitan, mixed with herb mayo, dijon mustard, smoked paprika, gherkins and lemon juice on a bed of purple cabbage, cos lettuce, cherry tomatoes and topped with avo slices.


Hand Cut Fries

Standard R30 / Cheesy Fries R45 / Loaded with soya mince and jalapenos R55 / Loaded with Kimchi and Cheese R55 / Loaded with Seitan Bacon Soya Mince and Jalapenos R65 / Loaded Beyond Fries R105


Badass Burgers

(All available in GF Wraps / Buns +R10)

Add these +Protein options… TKK Meaty Beety Patty R30 (GF) / Apple Sage Seitan Sausage R30 / Crumbed King Oyster R30 / Chicken Seitan R30 / BBQ Tempeh R30 / Beyond Meat Patty 100g +R50 / Big Fry Patty / Boerie +R35


The Badass Cheese… R50.00 +Protein

Your choice of burger patty basted in our own tangy bbq sauce with mustard, mayo, tomato, cos lettuce, gherkins, red onions and melted cheddar cheese.


Avo Hells Yeah Burger… R70.00 +Protein

Your choice of burger patty with our signature sundried tomato almond pesto, on a bed of fresh rocket, spiralized cucumber, topped with available artisanal cheese and fresh avo slices.


Kimch’eese Burger… R65.00 +Protein

A toasted sesame bun, pesto, mayo, fancy Af lettuce, choice of patty, melted coconut based cheddar, fresh cuts of Avo and Kimchi. 


The Darkside Peri Peri Burger… R65.00 +Protein

A 'chicken' style burger from your choice of patty, loaded on a toasted sesame bun with kale slaw, soya seared pineapple, melted vegan cheese and a side of peri peri hot sauce.


Our Specialties 

(Ask about daily specials)

Philly Cheese Sub… R110.00

Seitan steak cutlets sauteed in a Worcester, lemon and onion mix on a toasted sub with diced jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, rocket and topped off with cheese sauce.


March of the Pigs Burrito or Sloppy Joes…110.00

Pulled and smoked BBQ Jackfruit as a GF burrito with black beans, brown rice, guacamole, sauteed baby spinach, kaleslaw, vegan cheese or as 2x sloppy Joe style burgers with guac and kaleslaw.


The Black Bean Burrito… R95.00

A simple yet protein packed GF Burrito with slow cooked cumin and smoked paprika black beans, spicy roasted jalapeno salsa, brown rice, sauteed kale, vegan cheddar and guacamole.


A Simple Dawg... R40.00

Add Choice of sausage on a toasted sub with mustard, mayo, tomato sauce and rocket.


A Hot Mess... R65.00

Add Choice of sausage on a toasted croissant with our homemade Cashew Hollandaise, sauteed kale and Jalapenos and finished with diced cherry tomato.


Ask about our weekly Dessert and Drink selection.

Americano or Flat White with Oat Milk R38.00

WSB Cold Pressed 340ml... R40.00 +R10 bottle



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