2 for 1 Kimch’eese Burger

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Please note delivery times here & we are only open Mon-Fri during Stage 3.

Enjoy a fermented burger delight featuring our homemade Kimchi(fermented Korean delicacy with Chinese cabbage, onion, garlic, ginger, soya sauce, Korean chilli flakes, spring onion, carrot and rice powder).

This bombshell features a toasted sesame bun, pesto princess basil pesto aioli, fancy Af lettuce, our own beef style soya beetroot patty, melted coconut based cheddar, fresh cuts of Avo and Kimchi.

Served with a side of spicy Sriracha. Choose to enjoy in buns or GF wraps or a combination. You can also choose to order kimchi in a 500ml jar.

2 for 1 bun duo may be a combination of charcoal, turmeric or white sesame buns depending on availability.