Full City Blend Coffee

Full City Blend Coffee

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Full City Coffee 

Are you a classic kind of coffee lover? Do you like full-bodied espresso with lots of sweetness and straightforward chocolatey & nutty notes without too much acidity? If that sounds like your cup of [coffee], then you will definitely love the Full City blend from the Portland Project.

Our friends at Portland crafted this blend for classic coffee palates to enjoy. With a slightly more developed roast than the Renegade blend, this seasonal offering will have a little more of that old school Italian appeal.

The blend is made for espresso, but there's nothing to stop you from enjoying it in a plunger or other filter brew method. If you're into milk, you'll find this coffee will have plenty of flavour and body shining through. 

Roaster's notes

  • Current origins: Brazil / Ethiopia
  • Flavour notes: Chocolate, Nuts, Biscuits
  • Roast: Medium/Dark
  • Suggested brew methods: Espresso


About the Brand

Portland, Oregon is one of the cities in the US that every coffee lover wants to visit. It has world class roasters & coffee shops and even original coffee gear to brag about. But coffee is only one of the things that draws people to Portland. From craft beer to food and even wine, Portland is really a destination for any lover of flavour.

It's this passionate pursuit that inspired The Portland Project's name. Founded by Wayne Oberholzer, a former SA Barista Champion and SA Cup Taster's Champion, this new coffee project aims to focus above all on taste. With a carefully curated range of coffees to choose from, Portland's offerings will please any adventurous coffee lover.